'Viral Fever'

Published: 12th July 2010
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Viral fever is a common name u can hear it in your day to day life but moreover when season changes and due to change it becomes more active. did u think ever what is viral fever. These are mostly spread and caused by bacteria. Which are treated by using antibiotics are effectively dealt with only by the body's immune system. They primarily invade bodily cells of the host organism and cause the cells to replace their normal functions with replication process of the virus.

Symptoms of viral fever

Joint swelling, eye redness or irritation, headache, muscle aches, joint pain and general body ache, nasal congestion, runny nose, severe and ongoing fatigue sore throat and swollen glands, Vomiting, Diarrhea, High fever, Body pain, Malaise, Generalized weakness, Headache

Lymph gland swelling Viral fever spreads through inhalation of aerosol particles, intake of contaminated water or food or by direct contact. Taking healthy diet, exercising and having good sleep to improve health these infections are commonly self-limited, investigations are unnecessary. The diagnosis is made by the typical history of fever with severe muscle and joint pains. Skin rash and lymph gland swellings have to be specifically looked for. Laboratory investigations are undertaken to rule out other bacterial infections rather than to confirm viral fever.

Cause :-

Direct contact with the virus, breathing infected air and eating or drinking contaminated food or water. Viral fever can also be spread through sexual contact or be injected directly into the blood stream via shared needles.


Treatment of viral fever is purely symptomatic with antibiotic analgesic drugs. Bed rest and adequate fluid and liquid intake is always advised.Patient is advised to take lot of fluids, healthy diet rich in vitamins The best way to treat viral fever is to get lots of rest and keep up the fluid intake. While medication may alleviate the symptoms, it will not cure the virus or make it go away. The body must rest and get back to health by fighting the viral fever on its own. There are some extreme cases where antibiotics may be used to treat a viral fever, but this is not the most common or preferred treatment


Have boiled and cooled water regularly, Take steam inhalation if you find blocked nose. You can add eucalyptus oil to the water. Cover Ur face while sneezing.. Avoid having contaminated food and water Avoid smoking Avoid smoking Wash hands properly with antibacterial soap or hand wash.

Natural remedies

Here are some home remedies to help you feel better.

• For a very high fever soak a hand sized towel in cold water and squeeze it out. Make a pad of it and leave it on the forehead until it becomes warm.

• Boil some water and after its boiled you can either make tea and add lemon/honey and sugar or what i do is

just a glass of hot water and a whole lemon then i put a blanket over

• Gargle with salt water and suck on something sweet like a hard candy or a lozenge. This will keep your throat moist and help with the cough

• Drink a mixture of ginger juice and honey after warming it a little

• Peel the potato, cut it in slices. Put some on ur forehead, and some on chest and stomach, and wherever u feel pain and think necessary and make sure ur laying down.

• Keep some Mara gos leaves in the room you are resting in. Margos is a natural antiviral and prevents the spread of infection

• Take three teaspoonfuls of honey, two teaspoonfuls of fresh lime-juice and a teaspoonful of brandy or ginger juice.

Mix this and take a teaspoonful of the mixture three to four times a day. This mixture should be made fresh daily.

• In a bowl mix about four or five cap fulls of vinegar and about two cups of Luke warm water. soak wash cloth or towel in mixture and ring out .Wrap cloths around lower legs.the fever will be gone within five minutes Fever will be out.

Eat light but healthy food. Soups are good during a fever. Chicken broth or any kind of soup really, will help you feel better. Eat plenty of fruit. Restrict your intake of oily, packaged and fried foods.

• It sounds kind of weird, but, to break a high fever tie a half of onion to the bottom of each barefoot.

Still Viral fever is a very serious problem or some time you can misunderstand another fever so its better to keep all these things in mind and check Ur fever by a a good doc.

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